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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Spring 1532

  • George reports rumors of Anne flying around the countryside.
  • "She is a witch and has enchanted the king by sorcery" (33.13). Maybe they think Anne is flying around the countryside on her broomstick.
  • Meanwhile, Mary is still being flirtatious with William Stafford.
  • Mary casually mentions William Stafford to her uncle, and he says that Stafford is already betrothed to some country girl.
  • What a cad.
  • That night, George visits Anne and Mary in their room.
  • They do what they do best: gossip.
  • At one point, Mary catches George's wife, Jane Parker, doing what she does best: spying through the keyhole.
  • Mary exposes Jane and dismisses her.
  • Before leaving, George gives Anne a rather steamy kiss.
  • Mary "pretend[s] that it was nothing more than a brotherly kiss" (33.75), but it was pretty intense.
  • The next day, Mary hears a rumor that Henry Percy's wife is trying to divorce him by swearing he was married to Anne.
  • This accusation casts Anne's chastity into question.
  • Henry accuses Anne of not being a virgin.
  • "You! Who sought me out and courted me with another wife still living?" (33.141), Anne shrewdly points out.
  • Anne and Henry rage at each other hard, and then quickly make up. They have to get all that pent-up sexual aggression out somehow.

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