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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Summer 1532

  • Mary returns to Hever, but she declines William Stafford's offer to escort her.
  • Mary is upset with William Stafford for "treating [her] like a fool while all along he was planning to marry someone else" (33.4).
  • Mary has a nice summer in Hever and is startled when William Stafford is the escort sent to bring her back to court. He has no idea why she's mad at him.
  • Mary says it's because William was off buying a house so that he could marry some girl.
  • William says, "You're the girl" (33.48), dummy.
  • William and Mary smooch, and Mary fantasizes about living her dream as a nobody on a farm. Ah, the simple life.
  • Nothing is simple with Anne Boleyn as a sister, though.
  • Back at court, Anne wants Mary to purchase some fancy new gowns.
  • The court will be traveling to Calais, and Anne wants to impress the French.
  • Anne is confident that Henry will soon make her his wife. It's sure taking him long enough.
  • The next morning, in the stable yard, William Stafford tells Mary that he must marry her.
  • Mary worries about the repercussions she'll face from her family, though, and she rides away without answering yes. That's humiliating.

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