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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Spring 1534

  • With Anne pregnant again, King Henry will be more like King Randy, looking for another woman in court.
  • The family decides to have Madge Shelton, Anne's cousin, stay in the king's good graces.
  • The Boleyns also think it's time for Mary to be married; they don't know about her secret marriage to William.
  • Mary keeps her mouth shut.
  • William swears no man will ever come between him and Mary.
  • Before William and Mary can worry about their future, something terrible happens: Anne experiences bleeding and pains.
  • Anne may be losing the baby.
  • George and Mary know they cannot tell the king, so they go to find a midwife.
  • The midwife brews a potion that should help Anne be rid of the dying baby.
  • Anne drinks the potion and writhes around in pain for a long time.
  • The next day, Mary finds Anne lying in a mass of bloody bedsheets.
  • The unborn fetus is in the blood.
  • Anne and Mary's mother tosses the baby into the fireplace and burns it.
  • Mommy Dearest coaches Anne to tell the king she made a mistake instead of admitting that she had a miscarriage.
  • "A miscarriage is proof of sin" (41.113).
  • Anne worries she may never have a boy. It could be the king's fault, but she will take all the blame.

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