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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

Spring 1535

  • Anne sends Mary a letter, with a bargain.
  • Anne is with child again, and if Mary returns to court to keep her company, Anne will let Mary see her children.
  • Mary agrees to these terms, and off she goes.
  • In Anne's room, Mary learns that Anne has told no one of her pregnancy except Mary and George.
  • Anne wants the pregnancy to be kept secret until she is positive.
  • Mary chats with the king and queen, and Henry wonders why Mary's husband isn't at court.
  • "He was not asked" (44.93), Mary says.
  • Anne, who should play Two-Face in the next Batman movie, says, "Of course he was summoned" (44.94), which was a total lie.
  • But this means that William can join Mary at court, so Mary is pleased.

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