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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Summer 1535

  • Alarmed, William tells Mary that Henry has had Bishop Fisher arrested.
  • Henry is abusing his own laws left and right. He can try anyone for treason that he wants, meaning no one is safe. He is the monster they have created.
  • Henry soon has Bishop Fisher and Sir Thomas More beheaded for claiming that Queen Katherine had legally been his wife.
  • The world now has fewer heads and more danger.
  • With all the death in the air, it's no surprise that Anne feels she has had another miscarriage.
  • Mary and George visit a medicine woman who gives them a tonic that will flush the baby out, whether it's alive or not.
  • Mary can't bear to make the decision herself, so she gives the tonic to Anne, saying it's her choice whether or not to drink it.
  • Anne drinks it.
  • At two that morning, George fetches Mary from her room. Anne has miscarried.
  • Anne lies by the fire with the dead baby by her side.
  • Anne orders George to bury the baby. Guess this one is too big to burn.
  • Mary tells George to get her husband, William, to help him.
  • In the morning, Anne resumes her normal routine as if nothing happened.
  • William is suspicious of Anne's behavior. He tells Mary that everyone is talking about Anne. They believe she is a witch.
  • Regardless of the truth of these rumors, one fact is apparent: if Anne doesn't have a son, she is liable to keep Mary's son as her own.
  • Lucky for Mary, Anne lets her go see her children that summer.
  • Mary is alarmed at how much Catherine and Henry have grown in her absence.
  • The children are excited to meet their new baby sister. They're all one big happy family.

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