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The Other Boleyn Girl Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Summer 1523

  • Henry declares Mary the "Queen of May" (6.14) and even lets her sit on Katherine's throne.
  • Mary's faux queenship is interrupted when Anne gets terrible news: Cardinal Wolsey has discovered her marriage to Henry Percy, and he is not happy.
  • Wolsey summons Anne for an audience and tells her he disapproves of the marriage.
  • Anne assures Wolsey he can do nothing about it: the marriage has been consummated. She promises to be a good duchess.
  • Wolsey promises to take Anne's wishes into consideration. Yeah, right.
  • A Boleyn family meeting is convened.
  • Anne's uncle promises to have the marriage dissolved, so that Anne's reputation is not ruined.
  • "But I love him" (6.78), Anne says.
  • Anne's uncle does his best Tina Turner impression and is all like, What's love got to do with it? Marriage is a business, and what he says goes.
  • Anne is furious at her uncle and upset that she might lose her "only love" (6.97).
  • The family decides to exile Anne to Hever, as they did with Mary, until the Percy problem is dealt with.
  • When Anne is gone, she receives a letter from Henry Percy, who, like Rick Astley, is never going to give her up.
  • Anne's mother forces Mary to respond as if she is Anne, saying "I have to give you up" (6.124).
  • Mary is upset that she has a hand in breaking her sister's heart.

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