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The Other Boleyn Girl Jealousy

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Purple may be considered the royal color, but the most common color in the court of Henry VIII is green…because everyone is green with envy.

Either that, or it's the British food that has been sitting out way too long.

You'd think the queen would be the subject of envy, but Anne Boleyn wants more. In fact, there's no end to what Anne covets throughout The Other Boleyn Girl. Even as queen, there are things that others have which she wants—things like love, happiness, and a husband who isn't an overgrown manchild. Like Anne's ambition and determination, her jealousy knows no bounds.

Questions About Jealousy

  1. What aspect of Mary's life is Anne most jealous of? How does Anne handle her own jealousy?
  2. Is the level of jealousy between Mary and Anne typical of sisters? Or do they take it too far?
  3. Jealousy is sometimes thought of as a female emotion, but which male characters experience jealousy in this book? What are they jealous of?

Chew on This

Mary grows less jealous of Anne as Mary realizes she doesn't want the same things Anne does. She has been conditioned to think she wants power and fame, but Mary realizes she wants happiness, which Anne does not have.

Anne is most jealous of Mary's ability to choose her own destiny. As a pawn of her family's desire for power, Anne lacks free will over her own decisions.

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