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The Outsiders Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Dally leaves in the car, and Pony walk around, making himself believe Johnny isn't dead.
  • Pony stumbles around for "for hours" (10.2) when a young man in a car stops and offers Pony a ride.
  • He asks what happened to Pony and he says he was in a rumble.
  • The man tells him that he's "bleedin' all over [his] car seats" (10.6).
  • Pony hadn't even realized he was bleeding.
  • The man tells him it's his head. When Pony touches it, his hand is covered in blood.
  • The man gets Pony's address and drives him home.
  • The gang is here, looking pretty wounded from the rumble too.
  • Pony is confused.
  • He tells them Johnny's dead, even though something inside him doesn't believe it.
  • He also tells them Dallas ran off, like he was about to explode.
  • Pony realizes that "Johnny was the one thing Dally loved" (10.22).
  • Soda and Dally are concerned for Pony and they try to help him to a chair, but he won't let them.
  • The phone rings and Darry answers.
  • It's Dally on the line. He just robbed a grocery store and is running from the cops.
  • He's coming to the lot so the gang can help him hide.
  • They get to the lot about the same time as Dally, who's been running as fast as he can.
  • They hear the sirens and soon a police car arrives.
  • The officer gets out, and Dally takes something out of his waistband.
  • Pony remembers Dally telling him and Johnny that he'd started carrying a gun, but that it wasn't loaded.
  • Dally brandishes the gun at the policeman.
  • The policeman can't know that the gun isn't loaded, Pony realizes.
  • The policeman starts firing on Dally, and Pony prays that he won't die too.
  • But, he knows that "Dallas Winston wanted to be dead, and he always got what he wanted" (10.33).
  • He thinks of Dally saving Johnny from the burning building, and of helping them when they were in trouble.
  • He knows the paper won't praise Dally and call him a hero. At least Johnny died honorably.
  • The scene "swirl[s] into a mass of colors" (10.37) and then Pony falls to the ground.
  • When he wakes up, he finds Soda sitting on the bed watching him.
  • He learns he's pretty sick. He asks Soda, "Is Darry sorry I'm sick?" (10.44).
  • Soda eyes him oddly and tells him that Darry is indeed sorry. Then he tells him to go back to sleep. Pony's very tired, so he follows suit.
  • When Pony next wakes, he's starving and his mouth is very dry.
  • He sees Darry sitting in the chair next to him.
  • He learns he's been suffering from "exhaustion, shock, [and] a minor concussion" (10.54).
  • Suddenly, Pony remembers that Dallas and Johnny are dead.
  • He asks how he hurt his head, and Darry reminds him about the guy who was kicking him in the head during the rumble.
  • Pony learns that today is Tuesday. He's been sick since Saturday night, the night of the rumble.
  • He doesn't remember this, and is immediately worried about everything—missing school, going to court, Dallas.
  • He asks Darry if the courts will separate them now and Darry says he doesn't know.
  • Darry tells him that he was in the hospital, but he doesn't remember that at all.
  • Darry says that Ponyboy kept calling for him and for Soda.
  • Pony hopes he really did call for Darry.
  • Johnny had given his copy of Gone with the Wind to the nurse, and she'd then given it to Darry so that Pony could have the book.
  • It's on the table next to him, but now he doesn't want to read the rest of it.
  • Soon Soda wakes up and greets his little brother.
  • Darry tells him to be careful with Pony.
  • Darry offers to heat some soup and Pony, noticing his hunger, says that would be great.
  • But, he and Soda fall asleep before he comes back with it.

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