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The Outsiders Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • Ponyboy and Johnny walk the two blocks to the park. There's a fountain and a kiddie pool. The fountain is running but the pool doesn't have any water in it since it's fall now.
  • They hang out in the cold.
  • Suddenly, they realize a blue Mustang is driving slowly around the park.
  • The boys want to run, but five Socs are already out of the car and walking toward them.
  • Johnny takes out his switchblade and Pony wished he had a weapon.
  • Pony recognizes Randy and Bob, Marcia and Cherry's boyfriends.
  • Bob says that they better not hang out with their girls anymore.
  • Bob says that Greasers are "white trash with long hair" (4.14).
  • Pony says that Socs are "white trash with Mustangs and madras" (4.16).
  • Bob tells a Soc named David to give Pony "a bath" (4.17) in the fountain.
  • David holds him under, and Pony feels like he's "dying" (4.18) and wonders if Johnny is okay.
  • He passes out, and later comes to on the ground near the fountain.
  • He sees Johnny. Johnny says he killed Bob. Indeed, Bob's body is nearby in a growing pool of blood.
  • Johnny's knife is all bloody.
  • Pony throws up and just can't believe that Johnny killed Bob.
  • Johnny says that they were about to beat him up like they did last time and he couldn't let them.
  • When he stabbed Bob, all Bob's friends ran away.
  • Johnny and Pony decide to run away. They think Dallas will be able to help them somehow.
  • They go over to Buck Merrill's to look for Dally. Buck is Dally's partner in the rodeo. Pony isn't allowed to hang out with him, and doesn't like the guy anyway.
  • Dally's there, and they tell him what happened.
  • He gives Pony some dry clothes. Then he gives them a loaded gun and fifty dollars.
  • He says they should get on a freight train and go to Windrixville. Once there, they're supposed to hide out in an abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain.
  • They follow Dally's instructions and sneak into a freight car on the train bound for Windrixville.
  • Later, they jump off the train and ask a farmer in a truck for directions to Jay Mountain.
  • It's far to the church, but they manage to find it and enter through a window.
  • Pony used to go to church, back when his parents were alive.
  • Once he convinced the gang to join him, but they got bored and goofed off, embarrassing Pony.
  • This church makes him feel funny, like he can feels something about to happen.
  • He and Johnny lie down on the floor and fall asleep.

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