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The Paladin Prophecy Introduction

By Mark Frost

The Paladin Prophecy Introduction

When you're bored in school, you daydream. Basically, you want to be anywhere but there. You might just think about what you'll do when school gets out. If it gets out, that is—because the clock is ticking so slowly that the second hand appears to be moving backward. If you're extra bored, you might dream up a new life entirely, one where you get to meet interesting new friends, face off against fantastic beasts, and maybe, just maybe, save the world.

Be careful what you wish for.

The Paladin Prophecy tells the story of Will West — a protagonist's name if we've heard one — a boy who is too smart and too fast for his own good. Targeted by a shadowy force, Will is swept away to a top-secret academy in the woods of Wisconsin, where he must uncover a life-changing conspiracy before it's too late. No, it doesn't involve a treacherous cabal of Wisconsin cow tippers. We're talking about a web of secrets, lies, and demons from another dimension. And no, we're not talking about the UP.

The Paladin Prophecy was published by Mark Frost in 2012. If that name sounds familiar, it probably seeped into your subconscious along with a backward-talking dwarf, a dead woman wrapped in plastic, and lots and lots of diner pie. Yep, Mark Frost co-created the iconic TV show Twin Peaks with David Lynch in the '90s. (Side note: If David Lynch ever publishes a young adult book, we'll be all over it…and keeping kids far, far away from its disturbing weirdness.)

Frost had published other books before this one, including a couple of mysteries starring Arthur Conan Doyle. No, not Sherlock Holmes, but Doyle himself as a detective. Frost also used his imagination to write the two Fantastic Four films with Jessica Alba, and he'll be continuing Twin Peaks in 2017. Laura Palmer did say she'd see us again sometime, after all.

And the characters of The Paladin Prophecy will see you again, too. This book is the first in a trilogy, which Frost continued with Alliance in 2013 and concluded with Rogue in 2015. If Will West is going rogue, will he bump into Sarah Palin? Now, that would be a plot twist we'd never see coming.

Spoiler alert: there's no Sarah Palin this one. But there are plenty of other twists and turns to keep the pages turning as you investigate…dramatic pause…The Paladin Prophecy.

What is The Paladin Prophecy About and Why Should I Care?

Picking a new book series to get into can be like betting on a horserace. The books have weird, colorful names, they all look the same at a distance, and you have no idea which one will actually pay off. What sets The Paladin Prophecy apart from an overly crowded pack?

Like the Kentucky Derby itself, The Paladin Prophecy drips with its sheer American-ness. It's big, brash, and loud. Its main characters come from middle-class families, and they're trying to succeed based on their strengths and wits. And they all think they're the best at everything.

Basically, if you love Harry Potter, but you want more America in your adventure, then the Paladin Prophecy is the story for you. It has more fights, more explosions, more mystery, and just more everything.

Plus, the author co-created Twin Peaks, the weirdest, most disturbing thing ever shown on American television next to Donald Trump's hair. Frost's street cred means that this series has the potential for serious weirdness down the line, which the first book only hints at. And if America is anything, it's definitely weird, in all the best ways. Our wild assortment of reality TV shows proves it.

The Paladin Prophecy is the first in a trilogy, something else America loves: The Godfather, The Matrix, The Dark Knight, Kung Fu Panda—you name it. So saddle up with The Paladin Prophecy, and go for a ride. The trilogy is already finished, so at least you know you'll reach the finish line and not be left hanging.

The Paladin Prophecy Resources


"By Mark Frost" by Mark Frost
Frost must have missed out on purchasing because his website is located at

Movie or TV Productions

The Fantastic Five
Frost will write the screenplay for the announced film adaptation. We hope he keeps the Silver Surfer out of it.

Articles and Interviews

Mr. Frost's Wild Ride
When Frost compares writing a novel to driving a car, we learn we never want to be on the same road as Mark Frost.

Where There's a Mark Frost
Frost says that Will is "based more on [him] than just about any other character." So never challenge Mark Frost to a foot race.


Paladin, Walk with Us
Ironic that someone named Frost once wrote the screenplay for a film called Fire Walk with Me, but here Mark Frost compares his novelistic style to his storytelling style while writing the Twin Peaks series.

Trail Mix
These days, books have been optioned for movies before they're even published, so it's no surprise that book have trailers, too.


Scary Bears' Picnic
The "Teddy Bears' Picnic" song isn't creepy only when Will's mom plays it. It's always creepy.

The Audible Prophecy
Find out what a prophecy sounds like with the audible preview.


All Day He Dreams About Soccer
Will's Adidas shoes are gray with blue stripes. The closest we could find was this vintage pair from the 1980s.

Native Ancestry
Coach Jericho doesn't need to show him that he was descended from Crazy Horse, who is not a horse.

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