Study Guide

Nando Gutierrez in The Paladin Prophecy

By Mark Frost

Nando Gutierrez

Uber Driver

Because one servant (Ajay) isn't enough for Will West, he also has Nando Gutierrez. From his last name, we can assume he is Spanish. He is also Native American, as he tells Will: "I've got some Chumash in me" (7.96).

Will meets Nando when he needs a taxi driver to the airport. He lies to Nando, telling him he's visiting his sick father. Nando either believes the lie or doesn't care. Either way, he had a vision that informed him that Will is important and in need of Nando's help. Does Nando normally have visions? Should he be operating a motor vehicle?

From here on out, Nando constantly puts himself in danger to run errands for Will. As we've wondered about many of Will's relationships, we wonder what Nando gets out of this. He seems to believe he is serving a higher power—which we fear might only add to Will's savior complex.