Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Good vs. Evil

By Mark Frost

Good vs. Evil

A black sedan glided across the intersection a block ahead. (1.35)

The bad guys in this book subscribe to the old "black = evil" color-coding system used since the Western days, when the bad guys wore black hats.

She's talking to them. (4.19)

If you know anything about the bad guys in this book, know this: they're not bright. For example, they possess Will's mother but then make her talk to the bad guys in plain sight, which totally blows their cover. It's like they're not even trying to be sneaky.

"Believe me, these people will stop at nothing." (6.62)

We hear similar lines a lot about bad guys, but isn't determination a good thing? No one likes a quitter. Looks like the good guys are just going to have to be as determined as the bad guys if they want to win.

"It told me the next person who walked through my door was going to be this really important person. Like in human history. That they needed my help and I better step up big-time. Or it could mean the end of the world." (7.200)

Ah, yes, we were just waiting for that old theme about The One Person Who Can Save the World. Anyway, this is our first hint that Will isn't just one of the good guys—he might be the good guy…as if being the main character of the book weren't enough of a hint. But Will just assumes he is on the good side. There are plenty of important people in human history who weren't good.

"They've coined a number of terms for us down the ages: Wayfarers, Secondaries, Celestial Templars." (24.135)

The term "Celestial Templars" makes us think right away of the Knights Templar, a medieval order of knights—did someone say Paladins?—dedicated to fighting Islamic foes in the crusades. But these aren't just Templars—they're celestial Templars, so that also makes think of angels. Angels with big swords. But most importantly "angels," which makes us wonder if there isn't an ultimate good-vs.-evil, God-vs.-Satan battle brewing behind the scenes.

"We keep eyes peeled for funny business from the Other Team, provide special services for the chief of operations, upon whose desk the buck comes to a complete stop." (30.55)

Maybe the good guys don't work for God. Maybe they work for Harry S. Truman.

"No, that bloke's captain of the Other Team. Wrong side entirely." (30.57)

Dave clarifies that the mysterious "Old Gentleman" works for the blandly named Other Team. But "old gentleman" is a nickname for the devil. So that gives us a little clarity about what that "Other Team" is all about.

"God?" Dave almost laughed. "Not hardly, mate. That one's a thousand orders of magnitude removed from us." (30.59)

Okay, Dave is explaining a little bit about the chain of command here. He seems to be on the same side as God, but pretty far down the ladder. It's sure going to take a long time to climb this corporate ladder.

"One of our purposes, collectively, is to serve as the guardians of our world." (31.16)

No, this isn't a crossover with Guardian of the Galaxy; it's Coach Jericho, who is describing himself as one of the good guys. It's difficult at this point to tell if he's working for the same nebulous group as Dave or if he's just a well-intentioned ally.

"He said weasels are the only animals that kill more than they need to survive," said Will. "They kill because they like it." (31.34)

Good guys and bad guys love to align themselves with animals. Think Harry Potter and the griffins of Gryffindor being good and the snakes of Slytherin being bad. Here we get an explanation of why weasels are considered evil: they kill for sport. Hmm…sounds like humans, too. Womp womp.