Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Power

By Mark Frost


His best times shattered, twice, in less than an hour, and he'd hardly broken a sweat. (2.1)

Will runs so quickly that his energy should be measured in horsepower. Even though we're not sure exactly what's going on this early in the book, we know this kid possesses some superhuman strength.

Will concentrated, silent and trembling, and pushed those pictures at her. He felt them land. (8.16)

Use the Force, Will. With this new power, our hero's basically like, "This is not the runaway you're looking for." We wouldn't be surprised if Will turned out to be a Jedi.

"Pushing pictures" was getting easier; this time he felt tired, but not drained. (10.3)

Will gets stronger and more adept with his powers at lighting speed. Imagine if lifting weights were like this. You could do five reps in one day and be buff. Yeah, sorry—looks like you have to be superkid for this to actually work. Why can't we all be superkid?

"I'm going to examine the rest of your belongings," said Lyle. "You'll find the legal authority for this on page six, article three: Arrival Inspection." (13.35)

Will believes he is allowed to use his powers for whatever purpose he chooses. However, if anyone uses his or her power against him, then that person is corrupt, and his or her power must be eliminated. That's just how it works in these parts.

Lyle Ogilvy played some kind of mind music, the way Will knew how to do, but unlike Will, he apparently felt no qualms about using his power on other people. (13.65)

This line is hypocritical. Just chapters before, Will used his mind power to get an innocent man accused of domestic terrorism, and he didn't feel a single pang of guilt about it. Perhaps Lyle angers Will so much not because they are so different, but because they are so similar.

Before he could say anything, a weird look crossed Ajay's face. Like he'd just been ordered to do something. (18.73)

To be fair to Will, Lyle uses his powers explicitly for bullying purposes, something Will never does. Will has no issue using his powers on others to save himself, but he doesn't use them to be mean to people.

"They say he inherited some whacked-out warrior-shaman skills from his bloodline…like he gets visions, talks to the Great Spirit." (22.71)

Although we've been primarily focused on Will for half the book, we get clues here that Coach Jericho has special powers, too. But for now, it's just a rumor. We'll have to wait until later to see if they manifest.

Lyle held a copy of the Code of Conduct in front of Will's face and thumped it for emphasis. (23.135)

Not all the power wielded in this book is magic in nature. Lyle abuses the rules of the school to put himself in a position of power, no psychic mumbo-jumbo needed.

Will felt his senses tune up to a higher level of awareness. A sudden, specific sense of distance and vector of the sounds all around him, a 360-degree scan. (26.105)

Will tends to develop powers just in the nick of time. Here, it's mighty convenient that all of a sudden he realizes that he can conjure up a radar of the area, as if he were in a video game. Just like magic.

Elise had talents, too. And she was Awake. (42.23)

Okay, it's the end of the book, and we've figured out that Elise is awake. Oops, we mean "Awake." Great. Now if someone would tell us exactly what this means, we'd really appreciate it. At this time, we assume it means she has developed powers and can control them.