Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 10: Dan McBride

By Mark Frost

Chapter 10: Dan McBride

  • There is a man waiting for Will at the airport. He carries a sign that says "Mr. West." (10.5)
  • Will, who seems to have forgotten that a bunch of people are chasing him, goes with this man who has his name on a sign, no questions asked.
  • Lucky for Will, the man is Dan McBride, from the Center.
  • McBride and his driver, Eloni, stop at Popski's, a diner, for breakfast.
  • Over breakfast, McBride tells Will that he teaches American history at the Center.
  • After eating, they continue driving to the Center.
  • McBride instructs Eloni to drive them to Stone House, where the headmaster lives.
  • It is "crafted from soaring lines of wood, stone, and steel." (10.94) so McBride says "No mystery about where it gets its name" (10.96).
  • Really? Steel House has a nice ring to it, too.