Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 11: Stone House

By Mark Frost

Chapter 11: Stone House

  • Will meets the headmaster, Mr. Rourke, who tells him to call his parents and let them know he arrived safely.
  • Will phones his parents, or the alien creatures pretending to be his parents, and he lies to them, saying he went to Phoenix.
  • After hanging up, Will calls Nando and asks him to check on his house for him.
  • Once his calls are done, Will talks to Dr. Robbins.
  • Robbins wants to know why Will's parents told him to hold himself back, but Will has no idea.
  • All they ever said was, "We have our reasons" (11.127). Every kid's favorite parenting excuse.
  • Dr. Rourke then takes Will into the Infinity Room, which is like the transparent Grand Canyon Skywalk, except above a forest.
  • Rourke drones on about how exceptional Will is.
  • But Will's exceptionally chicken in this instance: The view is so dizzying, and he passes out.

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