Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 13: Lyle Ogilvy

By Mark Frost

Chapter 13: Lyle Ogilvy

  • Will meets Lyle Ogilvy, as you might expect from the chapter title.
  • Lyle is the "provost marshal" (13.6), which is like an RA on steroids.
  • Because cell phones and laptops aren't allowed on campus, Lyle confiscates them.
  • Will sneaks his secret cell phone to Brooke, then turns over his iPhone and MacBook to Lyle.
  • Will is sarcastic to Lyle whenever possible, and he is surprised when Lyle attempts to use his psychic powers to whip Will into shape.
  • But Will has mind powers of his own, and he pushes back against Lyle, making Lyle angry.
  • When Will and Brooke leave, Brooke is impressed. He's the first person to ever stand up to Lyle that way.