Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 14: Pod G4-3

By Mark Frost

Chapter 14: Pod G4-3

  • Will is brought to the Gryffindor Common Room…oops, we mean Pod G4-3, where his room is located. They look the same, so we had trouble telling the difference.
  • Will settles into his room, but he soon hears yelling outside.
  • Someone named Todd Hodak is yelling at Brooke.
  • Because girls can't take care of themselves (eye roll), Will steps in to save Brooke from Todd's tantrum.
  • Will disarms Todd with his wit. "My name's Will West. And I'm from out west, too. Isn't that ironic?" (14.48). Will has clearly been getting his vocab lessons from Alanis and not our literature glossary.
  • When Todd leaves, Brooke goes to her room and cries.
  • Will is happy for himself that he is in the same pod as she is.
  • Brooke soon comes out of her room, dry eyed, and tells Will about his other roommates: Nick, Elise, and Ajay.
  • Speak of the Southern devil, Ajay enters and welcomes Will with his Southern drawl.
  • Brooke has class, so she asks Ajay to take Will on a few errands.
  • Ajay agrees to be the Hoke to Will's Miss Daisy and take him shopping.