Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 16: Nick and Elise

By Mark Frost

Chapter 16: Nick and Elise

  • Will returns to his pod, where a girl named Elise lounges on a sofa.
  • Elise is a little frosty, so Will retreats to his room.
  • Will boots up his little tablet, but when it asks him to begin the tutorial, he says NO.
  • While checking e-mail Will hears a little buzzing.
  • It's Nando's secret cell phone.
  • Nando says that men in black—they're now calling them Black Caps—have surrounded Will's home.
  • Nando says he'll send Will some pics and continue to monitor the sitch.
  • Suddenly, there's a knock at Will's door. "House security" (16.62).
  • But it isn't Lyle. It's another tough-looking kid who rags on Will for breaking all the rules.
  • It turns out this is just Will's other roommate: Nick. Nick is pulling Will's leg.
  • After formal introductions with Nick and Elise, Will returns to his room to check his e-mail.
  • Nando's pictures show the bald man outside Will's house.
  • Before Will logs off, the tablet asks him again if he wants to take the tutorial.
  • Again, Will says no. If it's so important, why is it optional?