Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 18: Student-Citizens

By Mark Frost

Chapter 18: Student-Citizens

  • The phone on Will's desk rings, and the switchboard operator reminds him he has an appointment with Dr. Robbins at 9 a.m.
  • But first, breakfast.
  • Will attends breakfast with Ajay, who tells him that he "remember[s] everything that's ever happened" (18.54) to him, just like Marilu Henner.
  • However, the conversation is cut short when Lyle purposefully bumps into Ajay, spills his own tray, and forces Ajay to clean it up.
  • Will, the great savior, intervenes, and tells Lyle to clean it up himself.
  • Ajay thanks Will for interceding.
  • Will leaves to find Dr. Robbins' office.
  • Along with the headmaster, she explains that Will will audit classes for the rest of the term.
  • Will gets paged by Dr. Kujawa, at the campus clinic, who wants to go over some test results with Will.
  • Dr. Robbins tells Will she will escort him to the clinic.
  • Because this chapter needs a cliffhanger, Will asks about Ronnie Murso, and Dr. Robbins agrees to tell Will all about him.