Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 19: The Medical Center

By Mark Frost

Chapter 19: The Medical Center

  • "Will had to twerk to keep pace with Dr. Robbins" (19.1).
  • Oops, we misread that. He had to "work" to keep pace. We like our version better.
  • Anyway, Robbins tells Will that Ronnie Murso went on vacation with his father during summer break…and never returned. Dum dum dummmm.
  • That's all the info Will gets, though.
  • Will and Dr. Robbins soon get to the clinic, where Dr. Kujawa wants to know if Will has used any performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Will, who knows he has the powers of super speed, is offended that anyone would even suggest that.
  • Dr. Kujawa also points out that Will's injuries have healed completely in only a day. Whoa.
  • For the first time, Will realizes that it's weird that he's never seen a doctor. He's never been sick.
  • Dr. Kujawa wants to conduct more tests later, and Will agrees.
  • Dr. Kujawa also wants Will's medical records. Considering he's never been to a doctor, that might be a little difficult. Maybe Will will develop the power to conjure records out of thin air?