Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 2: Dr. Robbins

By Mark Frost

Chapter 2: Dr. Robbins

  • Will runs like Forrest Gump. Run, Will, run.
  • Will gets to school on time and even puts his cellphone on silent before class. What a good student.
  • However, Will checks to see if Dad has texted him during history class. No messages.
  • Will is soon called to the principal's office.
  • Will isn't in trouble for checking texts in class. There's a woman named Dr. Robbins waiting to talk to him.
  • Will's first thought upon seeing her: "the doctor is smoking hot" (2.1).
  • Dr. Robbins informs Will that he got a perfect score on a standardized test.
  • Will, whose father always told him to fly under the radar for some reason, is mortified that he excelled at something.
  • Will's mom has been called to hear the news.
  • Will thinks Mom will be mad at him for drawing attention to himself, but she gives him a hug.
  • Strangely, the hug feels off.
  • Dr. Robbins asks Will if he'll submit to another test, and he says yes, if only so he doesn't have to go back to class.