Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 20: Professor Sangren

By Mark Frost

Chapter 20: Professor Sangren

  • Will runs for class. He's late, and the professor embarrasses him in front of the whole class.
  • What course is this, Potions class?
  • No, this is "Civics: Profiles in Power and Realpolitik" (20.13). Sounds less like Defense against the Dark Arts and more like just plain Dark Arts.
  • The teacher is Professor Sangren.
  • After class, Sangren tells Will that he intimidated him on purpose.
  • Sangren wants to determine if Will belongs at the Center, which he says "is a meritocracy" (20.65).
  • Will worries that he won't make the grade and will get kicked out of the Center.
  • Back at the dorm, Elise, who was in Sangren's class with him, tells Will to "stop hiding" (20.96).
  • According to her, Will doesn't have to fly under the radar anymore.
  • Elise tells Will to show himself and trust somebody, but Will isn't sure if he can even trust himself.
  • If we were as manipulative as Will is, we wouldn't trust ourselves either.