Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 21: The Field House

By Mark Frost

Chapter 21: The Field House

  • On the way to the locker room, Will passes a statue of the school's mascot.
  • No, it isn't a fuzzy beaver or a cute elephant; it's a Paladin. Didn't you read the title of the book?
  • In the locker room, Will hears footsteps.
  • "He realized they belonged to Lyle Ogilvy" (21.6). How? Does Will have super-secret footstep-hearing powers now?
  • Lyle walks through the locker room, which Will finds "curious" (21.6). Yes, what could someone in Will's gender and age bracket possibly be doing in a locker room?
  • After Lyle leaves, Will visits the equipment manager, a dwarf in a wheelchair named Jolly Nepsted. The man, not the wheelchair. We don't know what the wheelchair's name is.
  • Nepsted gives Will the key to his locker.
  • Will asks Nepsted about the statue of the Paladin.
  • Will noticed that the statue's crest has a demon on it, even though no other crest has that image.
  • Nepsted says no other kid has ever noticed that. Of course they haven't. Will is so amazing, we're surprised he can't walk on water.
  • The phone rings, preventing Nepsted from answering Will's question.
  • Back in the locker room, Will catches a glimpse of a man in a leather jacket and boots.
  • It's Dave, and he leads Will into a dark hallway.
  • At the end of the hallway is a secret door.
  • Will opens the door, and inside, he sees a group of people opening a window to another dimension. Just another day at the gym, right?
  • A creature crawls through the portal, and Dave yells at Will to run.
  • Will runs.
  • At the top of the stairs, Nick pulls Will into a supply closet.
  • The people who summoned the demon run by, unaware that Will is hiding in the closet.
  • Will decides that he should tell Nick and his other roommates what he saw.
  • "Hey guys, I saw a demon pulled out of thin air!" That type of conversation always goes well.