Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 23: A Misunderstanding

By Mark Frost

Chapter 23: A Misunderstanding

  • After the run, Will has a call from Nando.
  • Nando followed the Black Caps to the Federal Building. Will asks him to see if the National Scholastic Evaluation Agency is there. He suspects the standardized tests are rigged.
  • When Nando hangs up, Will decides to check on his "parents'" private jet. It landed in Phoenix, but it left already. No clue where it's going next.
  • Will hangs up the phone and finds Dave waiting for him in his room.
  • Dave calls the portal a "Weasel Hole" (23.40) and says that the monster they pulled out of it was a lamia.
  • But Dave took care of it.
  • Dave tells Will that all the weird creatures are pulled through this hole from the Never-Was, including the Ride Alongs that are able to take over other people's minds.
  • Brooke shows up, but only Will can see and hear Dave.
  • "Sweet raspberry tea cakes" (23.90), says Dave, an adult, when he sees Brooke, a 15-year-old girl. Good thing he's invisible.
  • Brooke saw Todd and Lyle talking, and she just knew they were talking about Will, because all anyone ever talks about is Will Will Will.
  • Brooke worries that Lyle and Todd will attempt to take revenge on Will.
  • Will needs to hide his secret cell phone in case they sweep his room.
  • Dave points out a secret panel in the floor under the desk, so Will stashes it there.
  • Sure enough, Lyle and Todd show up to search the rooms. They don't find anything, and Will and his buds prepare to fight Lyle and his gang.
  • But Mr. McBride conveniently shows up and wonders why Lyle is searching the rooms baselessly.
  • McBride escorts Lyle and Todd from the room.
  • Then McBride comes back to get Will. Uh-oh, somebody's in trouble.