Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 24: Wayfarer

By Mark Frost

Chapter 24: Wayfarer

  • Okay, Will isn't in trouble. He's merely told that this is one of many complaints he has heard about Lyle.
  • McBride never did anything before, we guess, but now that Will has said something, he'll take action immediately.
  • Back in the dorms, Will wants to talk about how to change this alleged Code of Conduct that Lyle has. His roommates start to tell him the process, But Will decides to yell, "Everybody shut up!" (24.32) and starts talking about himself.
  • Will tells his roommates that men in black sedans tried to kidnap him, and he thinks Lyle is working with them.
  • Will recruits Nick and Ajay to come with him to the secret room under the gym.
  • As they prepare, Will returns to his room where he gets a call from Nando.
  • Sure enough, the National Scholastic Evaluation Agency is in cahoots with the Black Caps.
  • With that mystery solved, Will decides to focus on the secret room.
  • But Dave wants to tell Will something first.
  • However, Will doesn't want to listen. He has decided that Dave is a figment of his imagination.
  • All those demons: real. The guy fighting them: a figment of Will's imagination. Yeah, sure, okay.
  • Dave pushes Will, which he can do because he is obviously real, and tells him he has been given permission to tell Will his true identity.
  • Dave is a not-quite-dead ghost from the Vietnam War named Dave Gunner.
  • Will is Dave's number one priority. The demons from the Never-Was want to kill them, and the enemy of Dave's enemy is his friend.
  • Although Dave isn't sure why they want Will.
  • Before Dave leaves, he says, "I'm your guardian angel" (24.141).
  • Wow, guardian angels are a lot rougher around the edges than we thought they were.