Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 25: The Other Locker Room

By Mark Frost

Chapter 25: The Other Locker Room

  • For some reason, Will still thinks he's going crazy. Seeing his Mom soulless and possessed, no big deal. Watching Dave fight off aliens from the wing of a plane, just another Tuesday. But Dave telling Will that he's his guardian angel sends him into a spiral where he doubts his sanity.
  • Will pushes that aside and meets up with Nick and Ajay to head to the tunnel.
  • Ajay brings his modified pager to record their GPS coordinates so that he may map the tunnel.
  • When they get to the secret room, there's nothing inside it.
  • It's just the auxiliary locker room.
  • And these nitwits believe it's just another locker room. Buried half a mile under the ground. Seriously, if the sign said "No Weird Tunnels to Another Dimension Here," they'd probably turn around and go home.
  • After a few minutes, Will realizes how weird it is to have a secret underground locker room.
  • Could something possibly be in one of the lockers?
  • As they search the lockers, Will confesses that he saw men inside the room open a portal to another dimension and pull a lamia through, and only Will can see it with his special sunglasses.
  • And no one questions him.
  • Suddenly, Ajay finds a pressure plate that opens a secret compartment.
  • Inside the compartment is a steamer trunk filled with hats and disguises. They must have stumbled across the supply closet for every Scooby-Doo villain ever.
  • There is also a list of names labeled "The Peers" (25.193), because every secret society needs to call roll for each meeting.
  • None of the names look familiar, but Ajay memorizes it with his photographic memory.
  • The boys put everything back where they find it and decide to leave.
  • But a creepy figure with a sword is waiting for them in the hallway.
  • The boys need an alternate exit. There is conveniently a tunnel hidden behind a locker.
  • In they go.