Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 26: Déjà Vu

By Mark Frost

Chapter 26: Déjà Vu

  • Will, Ajay, and Nick run through the tunnel being pursued by a man in a suit of armor. It's either a murderous school mascot or an Iron Knuckle from Zelda.
  • The tunnel dumps the boys out on the Crag, an island in the middle of campus. There's a giant castle on it. Hogwarts, is that you?
  • There are guards on the island, so Will sneaks around and searches for a boat.
  • Will sees Lyle while he's searching, and he has to hide.
  • But because Will's weird powers know no bounds, he is suddenly able to conjure up a radar image of the surrounding area in his brain.
  • Yep, Will pretty much pulls up the mini-map as if his life were a video game.
  • With his brand new power, Will gets a boat undetected and ferries his friends to shore.