Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 27: Puzzles

By Mark Frost

Chapter 27: Puzzles

  • Back in the dorms, the roommates try to decipher the meaning of the list of names.
  • They use their tablets, which have weird little digital versions of themselves around them.
  • They're called "syn-apps" (27.33). They're like Clippy, except they look like you.
  • After a bit of Da Vinci Code-caliber sleuthing, the boys discover that the Peers have something to do with the freemasons. Illuminati confirmed.
  • The group is called The Knights of Charlemagne, named after the 12 greatest warriors who served the emperor.
  • Ready for the mic drop, Shmoopers? The twelve knights "were the original Paladins" (27.171).
  • After this chapter ends, we get one more italicized dream sequences.
  • In it, the dreamer says he or she stopped dreaming when "he" got here. We're assuming "he" is Will and "here" is school, but it's all speculation at this point.