Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 28: Tutorial

By Mark Frost

Chapter 28: Tutorial

  • Before bed, Brooke tells Will that she is glad to have him as her friend. Aww.
  • Because Will's roommates told him that he needs to take the tablet tutorial, he goes back to his room and does it.
  • Even though the tablet is supposed to scan him and create a digital replica, it asks him to type in his height and weight.
  • The tablet starts to grow his double, which appears as a glowing orb on the screen.
  • The next day, Will almost falls asleep in Mr. McBride's class.
  • After class, Will apologizes for being so tired, and he asks Mr. McBride about the Knights of Charlemagne.
  • Mr. McBride tells Will to get his butt to the library and do some research.
  • Back in his room, Will calls Nando and asks him to retrieve his medical records from his house. Because everyone keeps their medical records in a bag in the closet.
  • Will says he can guide Nando through the house, but he needs a way to view streaming video, so he recruits Ajay to build him a device.
  • In the panel where Will hid his cell phone, he discovers a little metal object, which he gives to Ajay.
  • Now that that's all taken care of, with no actual effort from Will himself, Ajay tells Will that he suspects Elise was in a relationship with dead kid Ronnie Murso.
  • What does that have to do with anything? Guess we'll find out.

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