Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 30: The Weight Room

By Mark Frost

Chapter 30: The Weight Room

  • We interrupt the search for demons and secret societies for something very important: laundry.
  • Will asks Nepsted what do with his laundry.
  • "Drop it in the shower room hamper. […] It'll be delivered to your locker in two days. Except Fridays. Drop it Friday, you get it back Monday" (30.6).
  • Got that? We're sure that'll be critical to the plot later on.
  • Will clumsily segues from laundry to the twelve Knights of Charlemagne.
  • Nepsted tells Will that "twelve is a sacred number" (30.14). But he won't tell him what's really going on in the auxiliary locker room.
  • In the locker room, Will finds Dave in the mirror.
  • Dave tells Will that he works for the Hierarchy, and "the Old Gentleman" (30.56), a name on the list, is the captain of the other team.
  • It seems to be a team of demons, and the Black Caps and the Knights of Charlemagne are their human minions.
  • When Todd enters the locker room, Will decides to employ some of his trademark wit to scare him.
  • "Did you have a rough… knight?" (30.79), Will asks.
  • Todd gets flustered. Um, did Will pronounce it "kuh-night"? How else would Todd catch the hint?
  • Todd's lackeys try to fight Will, but Will uses his mind powers to force them to hit each other.
  • Nick enters, and the lackeys turn on him.
  • Nick spins around on the uneven bars and kicks them into a wall, just like Jeff Goldblum's daughter did to a velociraptor in The Lost World.

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