Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 31: Coach Jericho

By Mark Frost

Chapter 31: Coach Jericho

  • Coach Jericho chews out Will and Nick for fighting.
  • Then Coach dismisses Nick and tells Will that he needs to find his purpose in life. He needs to develop his "vision" and "see a way forward" (31.27). Whatever that means.
  • Back in the dorm, Will thanks Nick for coming to his aid.
  • Will learns that Nick got a scholarship because of his athletic abilities.
  • Together, Will and Nick decide to search Lyle's room.
  • Nick picks the lock, and they head inside.
  • In a closet, Will finds a collection of stinky canisters filled with demons.
  • Honestly, of all the things you could find in a 15-year-old boy's closet, this seems pretty tame.
  • Nick and Will run from Lyle's room just as Lyle returns. He doesn't even seem to notice them pass by.
  • Nick and Will decide to get Chinese food. Nothing like a stinky canister with a demon in it to work up an appetite.