Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 33: The Hookup

By Mark Frost

Chapter 33: The Hookup

  • Nando places his video call to Will.
  • Will guides Nando through his house to find his medical records.
  • The house has been torn to shreds, as if someone else was searching for something inside it.
  • Plus, someone left the thermostat cranked up. That's the bad guys' big plan: to run up the heating bill.
  • Nando finds Will's dad's medical bag.
  • But there are initials on the handle: "H. G."
  • Either Dad was a big H. G. Wells fan, or he doesn't know how to spell his own name. Those aren't his initials.
  • When Nando says it stinks in the house, Will knows he isn't talking about his old smelly socks.
  • It's monster time.
  • Nando is attacked by a giant bug, which he knocks away.
  • But there are more where that came from.
  • Nando pulls out a gun and fires. The bugs burst into flame, and the house catches on fire.
  • Nando runs for his car and drives away.
  • But when the windshield shatters, the screen goes black.
  • That demon bug is taking revenge for all the bugs that get splattered on windshields.