Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 34: A Tiny Pianist

By Mark Frost

Chapter 34: A Tiny Pianist

  • Ajay recorded the footage of Nando being attacked by monsters, and the boys show it to the girls.
  • The girls agree to help.
  • Will thinks Ronnie is the key, so he asks Elise about the missing boy.
  • Elise says that before he disappeared, Ronnie whispered into her ear "Are you awake?" (34.67).
  • Um, Ronnie, you're supposed to capitalize "Awake," don't you know that?
  • Will thinks the flash drive is intended to be a message for Elise, so he pulls her into Ajay's room to look at the image of Shangri-La.
  • Inside the program, the syn-apps have encountered two men in white coats guarding a door.
  • Elise tells the syn-apps to hug them. "Embrace the 'pair-o-docs'" (34.117), or "paradox." It's a riddle.
  • The docs let the syn-apps into a secret room full of colored circles.
  • Elise recognizes that the circles correspond to musical notes, and she gives them the correct pattern of colors to step on.
  • The color code leads our heroes to a replica of Beethoven playing piano.
  • Elise instructs mini-Beethoven to play "Für Elise." You know, for Elise.
  • The song is the key, and the syn-app of Ronnie Murso emerges. Back from the dead. At least digitally.