Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 37: Tested

By Mark Frost

Chapter 37: Tested

  • Dave, who only seems to show up at the most awkward times, chooses this moment to pull out a magical pair of dice to explain to Will the history of conflict between good and evil.
  • Well, "evil" might be pushing it. They call the time of conflict "the Great Unpleasantness" (37.37), like having really dry skin during the winter.
  • We'll keep this short. The good guys banished the bad guys to the Never-Was. Now they're back.
  • The Black Caps are the bad guys' human minions working to bring them back.
  • Will is an "Initiate. A member of the Hierarchy" (37.52).
  • Whatever that is, Dave doesn't specify.
  • Then the lights go out. Again. The Center needs to invest in a generator.