Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 38: Battlefield Conditions

By Mark Frost

Chapter 38: Battlefield Conditions

  • Will tries to wriggle his way out of the MRI machine, but he's stuck.
  • Will senses someone enter the room. Someone stinky. It's either Pigpen from Peanuts or Lyle with some of his creepy-crawlies.
  • Will, who is telepathic now, grabs a telephone pole from outside and flings it into the room, through a window.
  • The telephone pole almost hits Dr. Robbins, and it scares Lyle away.
  • The doctors rush into the room and retrieve Will.
  • Dr. Robbins dusts herself off, and she asks Will if he was hearing any voices while in the MRI. He denies it.
  • Will tells Dr. Robbins that the Knights of Charlemagne are a group of older kids abusing young kids. And he names Lyle has being one of the boys responsible.
  • Dr. Robbins tells Will she wants him to stop keeping details from her. If he doesn't tell her anything by tonight, she'll have him expelled from the school.
  • The doctor is in, and she means business.