Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 39: Instant Message

By Mark Frost

Chapter 39: Instant Message

  • Robbins returns Will to his dorm. She posts a guard outside his room because she doesn't want him to leave. He needs to rest after the chaos at the medical center.
  • Will tells his roommates everything that happened at the medical center.
  • Will gets a call from Nando, who has researched the National Scholastic program and discovered it's privately owned by the Greenwood Foundation.
  • Also, Ajay has dissected the robotic bird camera and found living tissue inside.
  • Will takes the opportunity to explain the demons from the Never-Was to Ajay and Will. They believe him.
  • Brooke calls with information about the Knights of Charlemagne.
  • Allegedly, they disappeared in 1941, at the start of America's involvement in WWII.
  • Will decides to look up Lyle's yearbook photos.
  • Looking at them in succession, he sees Lyle start off looking happy and normal, then getting more strung-out and scary looking each year. It's called high school, right?
  • Will receives another call.
  • It's the Paladin. He has captured Brooke and wants Will to come for her. Alone.
  • Because there's a guard outside, Will, Nick, and Ajay escape their room through a window to go after Brooke. Here comes the rescue squad.