Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 4: No Place Like Home

By Mark Frost

Chapter 4: No Place Like Home

  • Will thinks his mother is different. Something just isn't quite right, like when a different voice actor takes over the role of your favorite cartoon character.
  • At home, Will tries to contact Dad, but he can't get hold of him.
  • So Will decides to open the packet given to him by Dr. Robbins. It includes one of those fancy-shmancy morphing tablets. They just give these away?
  • The tablet plays a video that tells him about The Center.
  • Will "Google earthed" (4.34)—yes, that's a verb now—the school and verifies that it's real. Hmm, not that secret, is it?
  • Will hears a car door slam outside. It belongs to one of three creepy black cars in front of his house.
  • Men get out and head for the house.
  • Will runs out the back door and decides to return home in two hours when Dad gets home.
  • Meanwhile, a bald man tracks Will's movements. He speaks to an unseen comrade, who asks the bald man if Will is "Awake" (4.50), with a capital A.
  • The bald man says he doesn't know, but they can't risk it. "Bring me the Carver" (4.51).