Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 40: The Paladins

By Mark Frost

Chapter 40: The Paladins

  • "Will had never run in snow before" (40.1).
  • You'd think it would slow him down, but no. Will runs so fast, he runs on top of the snow.
  • Will heads for the Barn, where Brooke is allegedly being held, while Ajay goes to fetch Elise.
  • Inside the Barn, there's an ambush waiting for Will.
  • But it isn't Will. It's Nick, disguised as Will. And Nick is ready to kick butt.
  • So where is Will? He is running toward the boathouse at the lake.
  • Meanwhile, in the Barn, Nick beats everyone up. Except the Paladin.
  • The Paladin doesn't seem to be a dude in a suit. This Paladin is so sturdy and heavy that Nick suspects it's the actual statue come to life.
  • Nick retrieves his walkie-talkie and tells Will about the statue, just as it attacks him.
  • At the boathouse, Will sneaks inside, where he encounters another Paladin. How many of these things are there?
  • This Paladin fires a Taser at Will, and he goes unconscious. Shocking.