Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 41: The Statue and the Bear

By Mark Frost

Chapter 41: The Statue and the Bear

  • Nick flees from the Paladin by jumping into the swimming pool.
  • The Paladin can't swim, but it can walk right across the bottom of the pool in pursuit. Living suits of armor don't need to breathe.
  • Nick continues running. He doesn't realize that he runs past Coach Jericho, who takes his necklace—a giant animal tooth—and rubs it. Maybe he's studying to be a veterinarian on the side.
  • Meanwhile, Ajay has retrieved Elise, and they are riding on a horse toward the Lake.
  • Elise isn't sure what she's supposed to do. Ajay says, "[Will] said you'd know what to do" (41.27). So Elise tells Ajay to use the radio and tell Will to cover his ears. (She's going to play the new Bieber song really loud.)
  • Nick, injured from the attack by the Paladin, hides in the locker room. He doesn't hide very well. The Paladin punches through the wall and grabs him.
  • However, Nick is saved by a giant bear that attacks the Paladin.
  • As the Knight and the bear wrestle, Nick backs away.
  • The Paladin stabs the bear with its sword, and Nick takes that as his cue to get the heck out of there.
  • Thankfully, another monster comes to his aid.
  • A weird tentacle creature emerges from the cage where Nepsted usually resides.
  • The tentacles squeeze the Paladin like an old soda can.
  • With the Paladin out of commission, the tentacle passes a phone to Nick. Seriously.
  • Nick asks for Dr. Robbins and waits for the operator to connect him. We guess tentacles aren't very good at dialing phones.