Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 42: The Boathouse

By Mark Frost

Chapter 42: The Boathouse

  • Will regains consciousness at the boathouse.
  • There is a canister with a Ride Along in it nearby. Will suspects the Knights will try to control him.
  • Will uses his Swiss Army knife to cut his bonds.
  • Suddenly, Elise's voice speaks in Will's ear, asking if he's upstairs.
  • Will says yes.
  • Ajay radios (why does he need to radio if Elise is telepathic?), telling Will to cover his ears.
  • Will yells to Brooke, who is nearby, to cover her ears, too.
  • Elise screams, and all the windows in the boathouse shatter.
  • Elise and Ajay enter the boathouse, and with Will, they rescue Brooke.
  • "You came for me" (42.51), Brooke says to Will.
  • The Knights in the boathouse are unconscious, but Lyle has escaped on a snowmobile.
  • The snowmobile is no match for Will's fast feet, so he runs after Lyle.