Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 43: The Caves

By Mark Frost

Chapter 43: The Caves

  • Will tracks Lyle to a cave.
  • Cornered, Lyle gives his supervillain monologue.
  • According to Lyle, commoners think they're special, blah blah blah.
  • Lyle holds up the Carver, which is a hooked steel rod (totally not a magic wand) and traces a circle in the air to open a window to the Never-Was.
  • Will chucks a rock at Lyle to stop him.
  • Lyle falls to the ground, and Will notices a giant lump on his neck. It's either a goiter or a Ride Along.
  • Will takes his knife and slices the lump open. Will, this is not how thyroid surgery is usually performed.
  • A giant worm comes out of Lyle's neck, and Will cuts it in half. It dissolves into a bubbly puddle. Delicious.
  • Lyle says he was being forced by Mr. Hobbes, the Bald Man, to do their will…to Will.
  • It has something to do with the prophecy, and the fact that Lyle is Awake with a capital A.
  • Hey, folks, remember that portal Lyle opened? It's still open, and a demon comes through.
  • Lyle has just enough time to say it's a Wendigo before it attaches a tentacle to Lyle's face and appears to eat his soul. Will he wash it down with a Coke?
  • Suddenly, Dave appears to battle the demon.
  • This time, the demon gets the upper hand. It pulls Dave through the portal as the portal closes.
  • Dave's magic dice clatter to the ground, and Will retrieves them.
  • Will flees the cave and finds a helicopter hovering above him. It's piloted by the headmaster. What can't that man do?