Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 44: Mom and Dad

By Mark Frost

Chapter 44: Mom and Dad

  • Will hears a voice in his head: "Open all doors, and Awaken" (41.1).
  • Never one to disobey a voice in his head, Will wakes up.
  • Will's in a bed, and his mom and dad are waiting by his bedside.
  • They seem normal, so this must still be a dream.
  • Dream-Dad tells Will that he's close to cracking the puzzle.
  • Will looks at objects in the room, like a tennis racket and a bird. Is it a phoenix? No, it's a falcon.
  • Will wakes up for real and finds himself in a hospital room.
  • Ajay is there, and he explains that Nick, Elise and Brooke are also hospitalized, but none of them have serious injuries. Whew.
  • Ajay continues, saying Lyle is also there, but no one found Todd.
  • Will asks Ajay to get his iPhone from Lyle's room.
  • But before Ajay leaves, Will asks him about the tennis rackets in his dream.
  • Will also heard the Beatles song "All You Need Is Love."
  • Ajay explains that "love" in tennis comes from "l'oeuf" (41.84), which is French for egg.
  • Will thinks this means something.
  • Ajay leaves, and Will checks on Nick, who is fine.
  • Then Will checks on Elise, and they talk about being "Awake" (41.120), which means having crazy powers, like telepathy and sonic screaming, which is different between screaming at Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Will returns to this room where he fills in the adults on everything that happened.
  • After Will's summary, Dr. Robbins pulls Will aside, and she tells them there's been an accident.
  • Uh-oh.