Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 46: It's About Us

By Mark Frost

Chapter 46: It's About Us

  • Rourke returns Will to the Center and tells him to look to his friends for support.
  • The roommates tell Will that Lyle is catatonic now.
  • For some reason, they all feel sorry for Lyle now. "He's still a person" (46.31), Elise says, a person no one had any sympathy for until this moment.
  • Will changes the subject, and tries to figure out why they're all at this academy.
  • It turns out the kids are all from cities that have a federal building, where the NSEA is located.
  • The kids look at the picture of the Paladin Prophecy case. It has Roman numbers on it. One set says 1990, which is when they were all born. The other is IV, for 4.
  • But Will, remembering the dream he had that made him think of eggs, believes the IV stands for "in vitro" (46.126).
  • That means these kids are all test-tube babies who were genetically manipulated to have special powers.
  • Well, that explains everything.
  • Brooke has to leave because her parents are withdrawing her from school for a bit.
  • Brooke and Will kiss—ooh—and Will promises to text and e-mail her.
  • The friends decide to name their group, and they come up with the most boring name ever: "The Alliance" (46.173). Why not just call themselves "Friends" or "Team"?

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