Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 47: Decision

By Mark Frost

Chapter 47: Decision

  • Alone, Will looks at Dad's rule book, particularly the last rule, "Open all doors, and awaken" (47.2).
  • Will wonders how his dad knew about the Prophecy.
  • Will's syn-app boots up and shows Will a picture he found.
  • It's a picture of Dave, from Vietnam in 1969.
  • Dave's arm is raised, and he's holding up five fingers. One finger for each time Dave has saved Will's life. That means Dave is alive.
  • Will gets an e-mail from Nando.
  • Nando found something in the lining of Dad's medical bag. It's a label: "This bag belongs to DR. HUGH GREENWOOD" (47.52).
  • For a genius doctor, Dad is really bad at hiding his secret identity. He probably has "Hugh" sewn into the waistband of his underwear.
  • Will is summoned to the headmaster's office. He tells Will he is placing him on strict curfew for his safety.
  • Will asks if Rourke knows Hugh Greenwood.
  • Hugh is the son of the Center's second headmaster. He used to teach at the school, but he left 16 years ago.
  • Will wants to look at the Infinity Room again, to prove he can look at trees from a great height and not pass out.
  • In the Infinity Room, Will gets a mysterious text: "THEY HAVE ME, WILL. I DON'T KNOW WHERE. ONLY YOU CAN FIND ME. 51. 51. 51" (47.96).
  • Will remembers Dad's rule 51: "The only thing you can't afford to lose is hope" (47.97).
  • That means Dad is Hugh Greenwood, and he's still alive.
  • Better grab book two, because this one's over, Shmoopers.