Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 5: Prowler

By Mark Frost

Chapter 5: Prowler

  • Will heads for the hills, literally.
  • In the mountains, Will is surrounded by coyotes. At least he thinks they're coyotes. He can only hear snarling. And he can smell rotting eggs. These coyotes need a bath.
  • Suddenly, Will is attacked by something invisible. He fights it off with a stick and runs.
  • Soon, the Prowler—the car Will saw at the diner—shows up, and a big burly man who looks a lot like Hagrid in a leather jacket tells Will to get in.
  • Will gets in.
  • The car drives away, then the driver stops and tells Will to get out.
  • Will gets out.
  • That was the shortest high-speed car ride ever.