Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 6: Dad's Home

By Mark Frost

Chapter 6: Dad's Home

  • The black cars are gone, so Will returns home.
  • Mom is playing a record that Will used to like as a kid. Will thinks it's "creepy" so he turns it off (6.14).
  • Mom gives Will a cookie and milk. Fearing it's poisoned, Will tosses them both out.
  • Will notices a "gnarled knob of flesh" on the side of Mom's neck (6.37), which you'd think would clue him in that something weird was going on.
  • But then Will has a "Francie doesn't like ice cream" moment when he sees that his "Mom" doesn't break the spaghetti in half. "Mom always breaks the spaghetti in half before she drops it in the water" (6.43).
  • Will runs to his room, where he notices his dad has sent him a video file. It's from that day. Dad is at a hotel, and he says that people are after Will.
  • Dad says he's sorry, and he feels responsible. He hoped this day would never come.
  • Dad says he'll come for Will when he can, but an explosion rocks the hotel and the video cuts off.
  • Will sees something move outside the window, so he chucks a paperweight through the window. Don't ever sneak up behind Will, unless you want a concussion.
  • Will looks through the glass and sees that he clocked a bird. But he didn't kill Tweety. The bird appears to be a robotic security camera. Weird.
  • Outside, Will sees Dad's car pull up. Dad gets out. But is it really Dad?
  • Will doesn't want to risk it. He lowers himself out the window and does what he does best: runs away.