Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 7: Leaving Shangri-la

By Mark Frost

Chapter 7: Leaving Shangri-la

  • Will thinks of Dad's rule #2: "Stay focused on the task at hand." Dad must have gotten that one from Ariana Grande.
  • Will calls Dr. Robbins and tells her that he wants to enroll in The Center starting tomorrow.
  • Never in history has a kid wanted to start school this badly.
  • Dr. Robbins offers to purchase Will a plane ticket to Wisconsin. Now Will just needs a ride to the airport.
  • Will enlists the help of a cab driver named Nando, telling Nando that his dad is in the hospital and he has to fly to visit him.
  • Nando offers to help, and off they go.
  • In the cab, Will and Nando talk about a movie called Lost Horizon, which was about Shangri-La.
  • It's a nice conversation, but Nando is suspicious of Will's story. He hears that there's a traffic checkpoint set up on the freeway, and he thinks it has something to do with Will.
  • So Nando tells Will to hide in the convenient super-secret compartment under the back seat.
  • What does Nando normally keep in there? Spare Slim Jims and Mountain Dew?
  • Nando drops Will off safely at the airport. He gives him a burner phone and tells him to not use his own phone, because the GPS can be used to track him. Uber has nothing on this guy.
  • Will wants to know why Nando is so helpful.
  • Nando says that he heard a voice telling him to help "this really important person. Like in human history" (7.200).
  • Don't tell Kanye that Nando said this about someone else.