Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 8: Dave

By Mark Frost

Chapter 8: Dave

  • Will needs to get through the TSA checkpoint, but he worries his name might be on a no-fly list.
  • Conveniently, Will remembers that he can "push pictures" (8.11) from his mind at other people.
  • Will psychically tells the TSA agent that it isn't Will West she's looking for. It's Jonathan Levin, a name Will read on a baggage tag.
  • Poor Mr. Levin is taken into custody, and Will makes it through scot-free.
  • Will uses the Force to get himself onto the plane, where he can finally relax.
  • Will thinks of Dad's rule #49: "When all else fails, just breathe" (8.32). Dad loves his Top 40 pop wisdom.
  • Before Will can put his seat back, he hears the voice of the Prowler Man, who has appeared in a seat behind him.
  • The man, whose name is Dave, tells him that invisible creatures from the Never-Was are after him.
  • Um, maybe Will should put on the oxygen mask, because he is losing his mind.
  • Dave also says that Will's Mom was taken over by a "Ride Along" (8.96), a creature that can control people.
  • Will's mom is probably dead.
  • Will asks about his dad, but Dave doesn't know his status.
  • Dave gives Will a pair of sunglasses. That's awfully generous of him.
  • After that conversation, Will is wiped out.
  • Will drinks some water and falls asleep.
  • We see another italics dream sequence, but it doesn't appear to be Will's dream, because Will is in the dream, and the dreamer is searching for him. Where there's a Will, there's a really weird dream sequence.