Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Chapter 9: Sabotage

By Mark Frost

Chapter 9: Sabotage

  • Will is awoken by turbulence.
  • There's an "obese woman in purple" (9.1).
  • Will puts on the sunglasses and looks at the woman. She glows. And "the outline of her body wiggled and squirmed like a bagful of angry cats" (9.5).
  • The woman enters the airplane lavatory, and soon water seeps out under the door.
  • Instead of running away from the nasty bathroom, Will heads toward it, where he sees the woman dissolve into a wriggling mass and flush herself down the toilet.
  • That is the nicest thing we've ever seen in an airplane bathroom.
  • Back in his seat, Will is told by Dave that the woman was a "Carrier" (9.23).
  • Speaking of Carriers, there are now monsters on the wing of the plane. Will, get ready to do your best Shatner.
  • Dave teleports onto the wing and kills all the gremlins.
  • As Will watches, he sees the reflection of a girl's face looking back at him. She telepathically asks him a question: "Are you Awake?" (9.58). How did her voice capitalize the A?