Study Guide

The Paladin Prophecy Competition

By Mark Frost


High school is one time when the competitive spirit really shines. There are tons of sports and activities around that allow you to prove your mettle, from wrestling, football, and track to chess, academic decathlon, and major-league gaming. The competition is especially high at the Center for Integrated Learning, which Will attends in The Paladin Prophecy. The Center only accepts the best and brightest from across the country, and like TLC, they don't want no scrubs. Will will have to be his absolute best in order to stand out. Lucky for him, he barely has to try in order to be the best. We think he'll do just fine.

Questions About Competition

  1. What sports does Will excel at? How do other members of the team react when Will joins their practice?
  2. What are Will's other roommates good at? How do they prove their skills and expertise?
  3. How do Will and other boys behave around girls? Why do they act this way? What do they have to prove?

Chew on This

At the Center, Will jumps at the opportunity to prove himself in competition because until this point in his life, he has never had the opportunity to do so.

The Center encourages fierce competition—and sometimes dirty play—among its students, because it eventually wants them to compete and win on the world stage.